Out of Character!

o1: Coding is mine, and I'd thank you not to take it. I had a bit of help from Calderade for this part though!

o2: I go AFK a good majority of the time. I have to take care of my son, and I also live with my grandmother and she needs my help quite often. Please just be patient with me and I'll eventually get back to you, I promise!

o3: Story? Amazing! Smut? Also amazing! Both of them together? This is the perfect combination. But while I do enjoy smut, I'll be honest and say you're never getting a blow job. Do not ask or I'll just block you.

o4:I'm actually quite shy, so if you want to RP with me, feel free to PM me because I probably won't PM you. For many reasons, though most of them boil down to me feeling like I'm bothering you, or just fear of being turned down in general.
Queen Medb