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Name Kyrah
Nicknames Kiri, Ky-Baby, Rhi, Red, Mama K, Big Mama more to add.
Alias The Red Beast
Age The Number is Lost
Date of Birth Kyrah was born on June 28th, the year lost in time.
Current Residence BloodMoon Manor
Race Hybrid - Half Wolf Half Vampire
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Single - Shattered
Scent Amber and Patchouli
Pack BloodMoon
Rank Alpha Female
Mental Status Stable
Phsical Status Healthy
Emotional Status Happy


Hair Color: Her hair is a deep rich red colour, her wolf's coat is a much less rich, yet still beautiful shades of red and brown.
Eye Color: Her eyes have been told that the Ocean gets its colour from her eyes. They can shift from blue to red depending on her mood and how she is feeling. Within her wolf form they are a bright gold and tend to shift to gold while aroused or simply playful. However when her eyes have shifted red beware, it means the female hasn’t fed and can be rather aggressive towards others.
Height: Kyrah stands just about 5'6 in human form, in wolf form she stands about 5 foot.
Weight: Rude question to ask, but weighs 160 in human form, in wolf form is a bit shy of 250 pounds.
Birthmarks/Scars: Upon the back of her right shoulder is a crescent moon shaped birthmark. Has scars all over her back, appears to be whipping marks as if she had been a slave at one point or well, multiple times within her life. Traits: A being of compassion and loyalty.
Quirks: Kyrah will do all that she can, go out of her way to help another being. She has a large heart which tends to get broken far too often.
Habits: Kyrah tends to pace around when she becomes overly stressed, all the while she'll chew and bite at her nails or just her fingers in general.

Kyrah is very much so an old soul, have been around for so long she simply enjoys laying back and relaxing. However she has been known to have quite the temper on her, she tends to get rather snappy with people when annoyed, which happens quite often.



  • Drugs -To an extent.
  • Booze
  • Classical Music
  • Dislikes:

  • Inventory:

  • Abilities

    Transforming Kyrah is a hybrid, she has the ability to change into a rather large wolf at will without the blessing of a full moon.
    Hypnotizing Kyrah has the ability to take control of one's mind by eye contact and order them to do her bidding, this is rarely used by the redhead and she'd never dare use it on those she cares about.
    Calming Aura Kyrah simply wishes to help everyone she can, and with that she gained a calming aura that projects into whichever room she is currently in. Her voice amplifies that aura, especially when she sings. When she touches the aura becomes directed at the single person she is trying to calm and can bring clarity to one's mind and heart. As an alpha to a pack of misfits and the lost, it makes fullmoons much easier on the younger wolves.
    Heightened Sense Although it should be a given Kyrah has increased speed, strength, hearing, and sight. Of course being a hybrid and even an alpha this is even more so than the regular lycan.
    Alpha's Call Kyrah can summon her pack to her location, how long it takes for them to get their depends on how lazy the wolf is of course.


    The BloodMoon Wolf