Out of Character

1: First off, coding is mine. I did this, and I'm proud of it. Unfortunately, I don't take commissions at the moment, so please don't ask me to code for you.

2: Real life will always come before role-play. That being said, I'm a mother and I go AFK quite frequently. Often without remembering to say something. Please don't take offense if I don't respond! I will eventually.

3: Spelling, grammar, literacy and effort are required. However, I don't expect nor require perfection because I can not offer it back. I also know that English isn't everyone's first language, and I know that it's hard to learn! So as long as we're both doing our best, I'm happy!

4: Story + Smut > Smut. I'm all up for a good fuck, but I also want there to be some reason. I like a plot and some building up, even if it's just a one-shot scene.

5: Romance, slice-of-life, fantasy and adventure are usually my go to genres. I absolutely do not enjoy nonconsentual / rape scenes, nor am I into 'cucking'.

6: I am not Futaba, nor is she me. Real life isn't RP. Keep the two separate. I'm happily taken IRL and have no plans to change that.

Statistics of a Hikikomori


Futaba Sakura (佐倉 双葉)


Navi, Oracle, HoneyOTU, Alibaba






4'8" (4'11" localized)




February 19 c.2001






Mother (†), Sojiro Sakura


Necronomicon, Prometheus


The Hermit



Blood Type




Hair Color

Honey Blonde

Eye Color



Suicidal, depressed, lonely


Hacking, Information Gathering


Bisexual - Male Lean


My Computer


In the beginning, she's got social anxiety bordering on agoraphobia, combined with the trauma. She's also lonely, and lives without passion and enthusiasm, while suffering from suicidal depression, and questions the point in her even living.

Even after her change of heart, she's timid and tends to hide behind Joker, even wearing a mask at times to hide her face. She considers her room a 'santuary'. However, once she is used to people her child-like nature shows itself, including her teasing nature. This is especially true with the other Phantom Theives. For instance, she enjoys pointing out Ann's chest size in her costume knowing full well that it makes Ann uncomfortable. She also has no problems insulting and bullying Yusuke, though this is because they got off on the wrong foot. They are still good friends, even if she does consider him to be weird.

While she comes off as a bright and cheerful person, she does have a ruthless side to her. She has no issues hacking into other people's things, nor for their privacy. She also has little care over the Phantom Theives actual goal, making her reasons for joining selfish, as she's only wanting information about her mother.

Physically weak, she has spent so much of her life inside and avoiding things that she has no actual strength, nor much stamina and requires a lot of breaks. This gets her teased, but she does her best to rectify her weakness by pushing herself to do better.

She is completely obsessed with computers and seems to be very well versed in them, even going so far as to call Joker out by demanding to know CPU, GPU and RAM when he says he's built his own PC. This, along with the fact that she like Featherman suggests that she is not only just a Hikikomori, but in fact also a nerd.

She considers herself a foodie, while also stating that she likes organic foods, despite her constant snacking of what seems to be junk food. She's also fond of cats.

Recent Events

To be filled out with RP.