Baby your pleasure is my priority
Chubby Succubus


Name: Angelica
Nicknames: Lusty Busty Succubussy
Gender: Normally Female
Age: Appears Late Twenties
Race: Succubus
Sexual Preference: Open
Relationship Status: Uninterested
Leave Love
Companion: Sir Bacon Bits - Bits
Top/Dom/Switch: Any
Weight: 225
Height: 4'9
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Pastel Pink
Scent: Strawberries and Vanilla



01 Code made for Mon Amour to use only by Yandere. Send her an RPC mail for her prices and ask for a commission.
02 Don't care that she's a succubus, I don't owe you shit.
03 Unless she's accepting new Clients, don't bother trying to fuck her, she's not interested.
04 Angelica has few limits and things she won't actually do for her clients. If you're curious about it, you can ask ahead of time oocly.
05 No, not all clients have to go up on the profile. She does respect Client privacy and confidentiality.
06 Anything that happens between your character and Angelica ICly will be kept between you two, unless you're cheating on your partner, then piss off.
07 IC>OOC.
08 Will pretty much rp with anyone, please just have a profile with picture and stats. Normal basic shit.
09 Nothing is worse then using emojis and shit during rp, please don't do it, nothing kills my muse faster.
10 PM Friendly, you can always start off with a post, but if it's a copy and paste post I've seen before I'll most likely just ignore it. Sorry.
Crae ~ Or as he has asked to be called, Daddy. Angelica adores spending time with this particular client, he spoils her rotten and gives her anything she could want. He is the Sweetest of men.
Zi ~ Client ~ One of the best fucking snugglers. Always there when she needs to bitch and vent. He's truly wonderful.
ShadyShit ~ She loved him. She truly loves him. And he ripped out her heart and crushed it. And now she doesn't know what to do anymore. She lost her best friend.